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Between Sacred and Profane

The Giorgio Baratti Collection - Milan

The Fable of Latona by Orazio De Ferrari.

Among the dreams of an antiquarian who does his work animated by a sincere love of art, somewhat like the fervor that kindles the passions of a collector, is to come across a masterpiece. If the antiquarian then allows himself the luxury of dreaming a little more, there he imagines that that masterpiece will be recognized as such by scholars and institutions.

Color power

At first, as soon as I became aware of such a severe and long crisis, I was filled with great fear. As time goes by, after careful reflection, I am beginning to realize that this "global moment" can become a great opportunity. We were forcibly running toward nowhere, "all or most of us," all the time. Every value lost: art, love, friendship, solidarity, the need to do something for others!

Collection. A selection of works of ancient art (Grafiche Veneziane, Venice, 2011).

Giorgio Baratti belongs to the historical category once called the amateur-marchand and moves among paintings, sculptures, books and finally art history issues with equal interest.